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Vinagres do Ribeiro

Albarro Padrón Pepper

Albarro Padrón Pepper

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White wine vinegar with one year of aging macerated with Padrón peppers in the last stage of maturation and with dry spicy scales. The result is a vinegar of aromatic complexity, with very defined notes of green pepper.

With 6.5 ° acidity.

A vinegar with an intense flavor, which combines a fresh acidity elegantly softened by aging, and the pungent intensity of Padrón peppers with marked persistence. Harmonious final impression with aftertaste that reveals a multiplicity of flavors underneath the spicy sensation, with the nuances of the original wine accentuated by artisan acetification.

A vinegar suitable for lovers of spicy and intense flavors, without forgetting the elegance of authentic and natural flavors. Without any more tricks or mixtures than the combination of two natural products with clear and determined origin, artisan vinegar from Ribeiro wine and Padrón pepper, without adding any type of preservative.

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