Traer productos de calidad de Filipinas

Bringing quality products from the Philippines

As mentioned in the home page, Filipinan Market was an idea that came about after a couple of years of exporting Spanish products to the Philippines. Carlos and I decided to flip the coin and bring in the Filipino gourmet products to Spain.

Both Carlos and I are friends that love trying new restaurants, new shops and different types of food, especially those with different types of gourmet products. In fact, every time I would go back to the Philippines to visit my family and friends, I would make sure to bring back to Spain food or liquor that Carlos hasn’t tried yet (trying to convince him that the country does have a lot to offer).

And now you may be wondering how we select the products, just as you would do, looking for products that respect the tradition in their production, that respect the raw material as or why not that innovate in production. And then the most important thing is that its flavor surprises us and that we want to share it with our friends.

Finally, why have we made a blog if we already have a “Recipes” section? The reason is to be able to announce new products that we are going to have and how we have selected them, to explain the difference between one type of product and another, in short, to tell you everything that we like about this world.

I just hope you enjoy trying our gourmet selection as much as we enjoy choosing it.

Salamat! Thank you!

Mabuhay! Welcome!

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