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Legumbres Arlanza

Pedrosillano chickpea

Pedrosillano chickpea

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Pedrosillano Chickpea
ORIGIN: Burgos
CALIBER: 370 grains / 100 grams

Pedrosillanos Chickpeas are the smallest variety of all chickpeas grown in Spain. The grain of these legumes is full, slightly wrinkled and almost round.
It is characterized by its small pointed beak and its light beige color and sometimes yellow, even light brown to orange, and with slightly marked wrinkles. These legumes stand out for their very intense characteristic flavor and for their integrity in stews.
Pedrosillanos chickpeas absorb a lot of liquid (100% with respect to their volume and weight) and once cooked, these chickpeas retain their full shape, do not open and do not lose the skin.
They are ideal for many gourmet dishes, they are appreciated both for their excellent behavior during cooking, and for their exceptional nutritional characteristics.

Other names for Pedrosillano Chickpea: small chickpea, Vulcano chickpea, Pedrosillo chickpea, Syrian chickpea, B90 chickpea.

SOAKING TIME: 10-12 hours
Pressure cooker: 55 min. 65 min
Casserole: 3h. at 3h. 20 min.
Pressure cooker: 45 min. at 55 min.
Casserole: 2 h. 45 min. at 3h.

Store in a cool, dry place, not exposed to sunlight.

Nutritional information / Average value per 100g.

Energy Value: 1568 kJ/ 371 kcal
Fat: 6,11%
of which saturated: 0,76%
of which monounsaturated: 2,22%
of which polyunsaturated: 3,12%
Carbohydrates: 59,21%
of which sugars: 4,05%
Protein: 9,72%

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